Blu Ray Players

The Best Blu Ray Player Features – a Shopping Guide for Home Owners

A blu ray player is just the element you need to transform your home entertainment system to match the quality and standards up until recently only available at commercial cinema theaters. But before you place an order online for a prospective blu ray player, here are five features you should ensure that the system you are buying comes with:

1. Ability to Play Multiple Format Discs and Solid State Storage

A quality blu ray player should be capable of playing audio and video content recorded on all types of optical discs including movies on standard DVDs and video CDs as well as audio CDs including those with MP3 music files. Even more important is that a blue ray player should have the ability to read from solid state storage formats such as MicroSD cards and USB stick drives. The most versatile blu ray DVD players also support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology. This means they are capable of accessing media formats including photos, music and video stored on a range of devices found in the home including computers, smartphones and tablets. DLNA devices can be interconnected seamlessly in a home network where data can be shared across different platforms with ease.

2. Surround Sound

Unlike traditional DVD players, blu ray players have the capacity to process multi-channel surround sound. Some are so advanced that they support Digital Theater Systems surround sound, the most advanced cinematic sound processing system available for your home. However, to enjoy this technology you need to buy multiple external speakers which have to be interconnected and placed at strategic points in the room.

3. Wi-Fi Connectivity and Online Streaming

The latest generation of blu ray players are shipped to the buyer internet ready. As such, you can connect the device directly to your home Wi-Fi network. Some blu ray players even come with a dedicated Ethernet port so you can connect to your wired internet supply if you like. These players can then be used to connect and stream video as well as audio content directly from the web.

4. Multiple Disc Capacity

The latest blue ray systems are designed for ultimate convenience. As such, they support multiple discs, a neat feature which saves you the trouble of having to keep changing the discs manually. It is customary to get blu ray players fitted with multiple disc carousels capable of holding up to five optical discs at a time. It is also now common to get some blue ray players which come fitted with internal hard drives so you can record audio and video and play that directly from the player at your convenience.

5. Advanced Picture Adjustability

Modern blu ray DVD players in australia are designed for use with high definition, wide-screen displays. However, if you are playing video recorded in traditional 4:3 format, you can adjust the picture to fit the screen without distorting the images. Other adjustment options include changing the black-level feature, viewing a scene from different angles (if this is available with your current media). You may also adjust other display elements such as brightness and contrast though it is more effective when you adjust these on the TV set itself.

BluRay Lasers Could be More Dangerous Than You Think

The progression of laser technology brings with it immense benefits for medical, industrial, and entertainment use. However, powerful technology also presents risks. This ease of acquisition increases the opportunities for misuse, either intentional or accidental.

Powerful laser products are becoming easier and cheaper to obtain for the general public. One such laser product is your BluRay player. Your device uses a powerful laser to read the information encoded on your disk and play the media.

There are several risks associated with laser products:

  • Lasers can damage sight if they come in contact with the eyes. Laser is concentrated light, might stronger than any natural light that may enter your eye. This means they can easily burn the eye and cause sight loss.
  • Invisible infra-red light can also be a hazard. Some low quality lasers can emit dangerous levels of infra red light while only appearing to emit low levels of light. This is particularly dangerous because the risk is not apparent.
  • Stronger lasers can cause burns to the other, more resilient parts of the body. These should be handled with extreme caution.

We consulted Les from Electricians We Are in Perth about the risks posed by the lasers in BluRay players. He assures us that for well made products the risk is minimal. The lasers are safely installed and extremely hard to remove without rendering them non-functional. These lasers also have to adhere to strict industry standards for safety.

As with all electronic devices however, ensure you always purchase quality brands and exercise caution when bring back cheap devices from overseas.

5 differences between Blu Ray and DVD

Even though people are talking about Blu Ray, many of them actually don’t know the difference between Blu Ray and DVD. Here are the major differences between the two.

Storage Capacity

The unit of storage capacity is gigabytes (GB). More GB means that it can store more information. Single layer DVDs can store 4.7 GB of data which is equivalent to two hours of movie. Double layer DVDs can store 8.7 GB of data which can hold movies that are four hours long. Single layer Blu Ray discs can store about 25 GB of data. Double layer Blu Ray discs can hold about 50 GB of information.

Laser Technology

Lasers are used in both Blu Ray and DVD to read the information that is stored. DVD players use a red laser at 650mm wave length to read DVD discs. Blu Ray players use a blue laser to read the stored information. The wavelengths of blue laser are shorter than that of red laser. This allows more precise reading of information that is stored on the disc.

Disc Construction

Both Blue Ray and DVD discs look identical. DVDS need to be wide in order to adjust to the larger wavelength. About 4.7 GB of information can be stored on each layer fo the disc. There is a protective layer that resists scratching. Blu Ray discs are much thinner and closer. So, Blu Ray discs can be squeezed to almost five times. It also contains a protective layer that prevents scratch.

Image Resolution

This is measured by the number of horizontal lines of light in a picture time the number of vertical lines. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture is. DVDs have a standard definition resolution of 480 or 520. This looks good on standard TV. But the picture will look grainy on widescreen HDTV. Blue Ray has high definition 1080 display. It looks great on HDTVs.

Player Compatibility

Blu Ray discs won’t work in a standard DVD player as the red laser is too large to read. All Blu Ray players are backwards compatible. They can still play standard DVDs.

When the price of Blu Ray devices starts to fall, more people will make a transition from DVD to Blu Ray. Blu Ray players are now essential to have a good movie experience.

Top 4 Blu Ray video players in Australia

Blu Ray technology is improving day by day. As a result, we are getting innovative and more sophisticated Blu Ray video players in the market. Here are some of the best video players in Australia.

Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player With 500GB Twin Tuner HDD Recorder


With this device you can play and record your favorite programs. You can enjoy the luxury of 500 GB built-in hard drive that gives you space for all your media files. The intuitive Smart Hub technology is included with this player. You can visit your favorite sites, shop online and even update your social media account on large screen with the player’s full web browser. It has built-in WiFi. You can access all your Blu Ray features wirelessly and stream media to and from other devices such as camera, smartphone, tablet or computer. It has 3D capability that brings content to life. You can turn regular 2D content to 3D by sitting at home. The price of this awesome Blu Ray player is only AUS $366.

LG 3D Blu-ray Player With 500GB Twin Tuner HDD Recorder


This player features Smart EPG technology. It has built-in WiFi and 500 GB recording space. It allows you to enjoy Blu Ray films. You can stay up-to-date with your favorite shows and access a number of apps and online contents. This player can automatically record your favorite shows. With its smart EPG, you can access all the standard program information and cover cast information and full feature summary. It has built-in WiFi. You can directly record movies and shows onto your memory or connect a USB to transfer the files. It costs AUS $398.

Sony Blu-Ray Player

Sony Blu-Ray Player

It provides interactive media with web connectivity. It allows access to apps like Youtube and Netflix. It improves the quality of DVDs. You can access a huge selection of video streaming services with this device. You can enjoy streaming media from your portable media device. This player costs only AUS $118.

Samsung Wi-Fi 3D Blu-Ray Player

Samsung Wi-Fi 3D Blu-Ray Player

This player will give you superb picture quality. You can enjoy varieties of TV shows, movies and apps. You can connect to your home network using its built-in wireless technology. The price of this Blu Ray player is only AUS $165.

All these Blu Ray players use the latest technology. They have huge memory space, built-in WiFi and other facilities that let you have a wonderful movie experience.

3 oldest Australian movies recorded in Blu Ray

Australian movies are being recorded in Blu Ray for some time now. Here are the oldest Australian movies recorded in Blu Ray.



It is an Australian cinema classic. The movie is a complex story of cultural identity. The movie is set against the harsh natural surrounds of outback Northern Territory. The movie captures an honest glimpse into the history of indigenous Australia. An indigenous woman dies in childbirth and the baby is raised by Sarah, the wife of station owner Doug McMann. The couple is doing their best to adapt the child into the white society; but young Jedda is caught between two cultures.

Wake in Fright

Wake in Freight

The film is brutal and stunning. It is the story of John Grant, a teacher who arrives in the outback mining town of Bundanyabba and planning to stay there overnight before going to Sydney. But his one night turns out to be five nights and he plunges toward his own destruction. The educated John Grant turns out to be a self-loathing man in a wasteland looking at a rifle with one bullet left.



Room 15 of Roget clinic is occupied by a young comatose murdered named Patrick. Patrick has psychic powers and has a crush on a nurse named Kathy. His affection turns into a bloody and deadly obsession. It is a tale of telekinetic terror. The movie is cunning and creepy till the last moment.

Most recent Australian movies are being released on Blu Ray discs. There are some old classics that people watch over and over again. These movies, like the ones just mentioned, have been released on Blu Ray again giving audiences a new and wonderful experience of watching cinema.