Welcome to Bluray Australia! We are avid gardeners and homemakers and we started this blog to share our experiences. We have tried and tested many projects and tips in and around the house. Some were successful and some less so. We want to help you by eliminating the not so successful stage for your own projects. We share a lot of helpful tips and tutorials that will make your life easier.

My husband and I really love gardening and home improvements. We are always busy revamping something, re-organizing the house, or starting a new garden. We have been married for 10 wonderful years and have 2 children who seem to have gotten the busy-body genes too. We grow our own herbs and vegetables and hardly ever buy fresh produce from the shop anymore.

With this blog, we are aiming to empower our readers to do home improvements themselves and to start a garden that will make them self-sufficient and not dependent on stores. It is much cheaper to grow them yourself and they taste great. The things we share here all come from experience. We do a lot of research and reading and try a lot of new things. We learn a lot from YouTube and we share the best tutorials with you.

Bluray Australia is a blog about making your home your haven and doing it yourself. We hope you find some valuable tips for your own adventures in homemaking.