5 Tips for Starting Your Own Little Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs can save you money, be therapeutic, and a lot of fun. You don’t need a lot of space to start an herb garden so even a small city apartment can work. If you have a fire escape, patio, balcony, or a big backyard, you can start growing your own herbs. These steps will help you get there.

Follow regulations. If you plan to start your garden on a fire escape, make sure it’s safe and won’t get you in trouble. There are safety regulations for fire escapes ensuring they can be used when needed.

Sun exposure. You need to evaluate what type of sun exposure you have in the area where you plan to have your garden. Some plants require a lot of sun and others can get by with less. This will influence which herbs you can grow.

Get the necessary tools. You need the right gear to start your new project. You will need pots that are different sizes and will allow the roots to spread. You will need potting soil that is labeled ‘potting mix’. Other soils will not yield the best results. You will need some gardening tools like a shovel and watering can.

Get your plants. You are now ready to buy your plants. Based on sun exposure and some research, you should now know which plants will be best for you. Use the help of local nurseries or farmer’s markets and buy seedlings instead of seeds. This will give you better results and faster, especially if you have a short time to grow them. These seedlings are also less likely to die before they actually get started.

Start with basil. Basil is a great starting herb for beginners It grows well, smells great, and tastes great. It is a good plant to teach you as it shows when it needs water and perks back up when it is well-watered.

Lastly, make sure that each plant has enough space and that the pots drain well. Good quality potting soil and compost is a must. This should get you started and soon you will be eating from your own garden.