Five Reasons To Build A Two Storey Home

If you’re building a custom home, you have an important decision ahead of you. You’ll have to decide whether you would be better off building a single-story home or a two-story property.

While both types of homes have their advantages, there are a number of reasons to go with a two storey design. Here’s what a second story can offer you:

1. You Can Build A Large Home On A Small Lot

If you’ve purchased a small or narrow lot, you don’t necessarily have to build a small home. If you spread your square footage across multiple stories, you’ll be able to build a large property even if your lot is quite small.

2. You Can Give Every Family Member Some Privacy

When you and the members of your family are all on the same floor, it can be difficult for people to get the space that they need. However, when you have two floors, the members of your household can spread out. A two-story home allows people to get privacy when they need it.

3. You’ll Have Spectacular Views

If you live in a beautiful area, you’re going to want to have the chance to enjoy those views. A two-story home should offer some stunning views. When you look out the windows on the top floor, you’ll be able to admire everything around you.

When you’re stuck on the first floor of a home, you may not be able to get the kind of views that you want. When you’re on a higher level, you’ll be able to see everything you want to see and so much more.

4. Your Home May Be More Valuable

Studies have shown that two-story homes often sell for more than single-story homes do, even when the homes have the same amount of square footage. If you’re trying to ensure that you see a return on your investment, building a two-story home is a smart idea.

A two-story home can look larger than a ranch, which means buyers are willing to pay more for it. If you want to build a valuable home, you should build a property with two stories.

5. Two-Story Homes Are Cost Effective

You can save quite a bit of money if you choose to build a two-story home. The size of your foundation and your roof will be smaller, which means less material will be used. Opting for a second story could bring the expenses of your home down.

Two-story homes don’t require the same amount of framing that large ranch homes need. If you are trying to build a custom home on a limited budget, building a second story could actually help you save. You’ll be able to get all of the space you need while using fewer materials.

If you’re not sure what sort of home you should build, you should take a closer look at the benefits that a two-story home can provide. Once you see the perks of having two stories, you’ll want to build a home that has at least two floors.

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