Video Tutorials

The Internet is a wonderful resource when you want to learn how to do something new. Not everything is useful and there may be a lot of cross-over, but you should find what you need between the results. We have gathered a few video tutorials that helped us learn all we know. We have adapted and changed as we gained experience, but these tutorials will help you get started or get the basic information you need.

Tutorials on Starting an Herb Garden

Learn how to make an indoor herb garden –

How to start an herb garden – Entertaining with Beth –

Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden –

Fall Herb Garden –

Tutorials on House Cleaning

How to house clean like a pro #1 –

Deep cleaning routine! Cleaning my house –

How to deep clean your bathroom: Bathroom Cleaning Tutorial –

Tutorials on Caring for House Plants

How to Care for House Plants: Learn to Avoid Common Mistakes When Caring for House Plants –

Tips on caring for house plants –

How to Care for House Plants: Watering House Plants –

Top 10 Don’ts When Growing Orchids – tips for orchid beginners –

Tutorials on Simple Home Improvements

Simple Home Décor Idea and Tutorial: DIY Coffee Table Using Picture Frames –

DIY: How to renovate a bathroom –

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor –

Painting and Home Improvement: Tutorials by the Idaho Painter –

25 Home Improvement Ideas #2 –